Pint of the Month


Introducing the Pint of the Month series!

We’re brining you a new, limited-edition flavor each month. Pints will be available to pre-order and to purchase on release day in limited quantities.

February’s flavor, Cherry Bombe Alaska, was inspired by the great women we’ve met along our journey — the fiery, fierce cooks, sweet-as-can-be mentors, and everyone in between. Equally influential are the amazing women we’ve not met, but learn from though the media (we’re looking at you, Cherry Bombe magazine) — this flavor is for them, too.

Cherry Bombe Alaska is sweet and tart cherry ice cream swirled with gooey toasted meringue (i.e. the signature of a traditional Bombe Alaska - set ablaze table-side if you’re at the right restaurant) and studded with rich Amarena cherries.

Pickups will take place in two locations - chose whichever is most convenient for you:

Sat. 2/23 12-3 pm @ Angelina’s in Bristol

Sun. 2/24 12-3 pm @ Stock in Providence