Dessert at Stock w/ The Burgundian
6:00 PM18:00

Dessert at Stock w/ The Burgundian

The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles and Fountain & Co. are teaming up again to bring dessert to Hope Street!

Grab a scoop, or a waffle, or both!
Shane and his team will be making Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffle (or Liege Waffle) to-order. These are unlike any waffle you've ever tried: a brioche-like dough waffle with caramelized sugar. (Seriously, these will blow your mind.) And help Shane bring a double-decker cafe bus to Providence by supporting his Kickstarter campaign! (link below)

Pair your waffle with a scoop of craft ice cream from Fountain & Co.! Victoria makes each flavor from scratch right here in Providence. Assorted flavors of ice cream and sorbet (vegan!) will be available, along with a selection of toppings.

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